Friday, 23 March 2012

A misty morning on the canals ....

Woke to glorious atmospheric mist today & just knew it was time to grab the camera & head off to the canals for some photos.
Boats in the mist, Brewood, Staffordshire

The Shropshire Union canals wind their way through out pretty county & pass quite close by.  It is always interesting walking along them as canal folk are friendly & often stop to chat as they go about their business.

Misty canals, Brewood, Staffordshire

It was lovely with the mist on the canal - just enough to make it feel interesting, but not enough to be damp.
Some really lively ducks kept us entertained with their antics - flying past us in formation reminded me of the porcelain flying ducks that people used to have on their walls; not my wall, I hasten to add.
Ducks, Brewood, Staffordshire
Lots of signs of life & colours which is really welcome as well as a boat named Mrs B ... which is of course also the name of my friend  Mrs B ....

We had a good chuckle because some months back I found a Mrs D boat & also one called a Shropshire Lass - which is what I am I suppose having made my home in Shropshire nearly 15 years ago ....

and so we found our nemesis in boats .... just have to find a way to make them ours ♥

Do you do canals & boats?

Look in again soon & have a great weekend
Dee ♥


  1. Lovely photos and the one with the ducks taking off and the boats in the mist - brillant. I remember doing this walk about three years ago when we went with Kathy as well. Wish I had been there.

    1. Ahhh the mist was too good to miss when I went out early so I rallied Mrs B to join me because I knew it would look good!


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