Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's day breakfast ....

We decided on a low key breakfast together today to observe Mother's Day. I am thankful that my daughters are kind, considerate & loving daughters all year so we do not make a massive card & gift bearing fuss of a particular day, especially this year ....

Always brilliant to have daughters home with Andy, the boyfriend who is a fab cook; our choice today was pancakes with lots of stewed & fresh fruit served with a choice of ice-cream or yoghurt; fresh orange juice  & some homemade cinnamon swirls.

Our conservatory sideboard has some oversized pink baubles & I think they go rather well....
 Mother's Day breakfast

I am rather partial to pink & the garden is just coming to life now with beautiful pink hyacinths, tulips, crocuses & other bulbs so we enjoyed those for colour! Aren't they f♥b?

Table setting was some of my favourite bits: white plates with floral Ralph Lauren top plates, large blue Spode platter plates & white servers .... I used coloured crockery & black for my own ones!

A most thoughtful & enjoyable breakfast ... how was your day spent?

Look in again soon
Dee ♥


  1. The flowers are so colourful and the breakfast looks so healthy and delicious. Your daugthers are wonderful.
    I got a lovely bunch of flowers from Michelle and my family cooked lunch for me and did all the dishes

    1. Thanks Tipsy Tart - the bulbs were planted last Autumn & almost forgotten about until they started poking their heads through this past week - an absolute delight! Cooked lunch sounds divine & family time is always welcome xx

  2. How wonderful to be treated to a delicious mother's day all looks very appealing xxx


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