Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Abandoned ....

I have a fascination with buildings that are in various states of disrepair & which slowly return to nature because they just have so much character.

This fascinating house belongs to one of my students in rural Shropshire

Derelict old house slowly returning to nature ...

The house itself is unsafe but it has a fascinating shape with the branches giving it a strong & interesting shape.  It just seems to ooze history - speaks of a time when it was a family home; I'm sure those walls could tell some stories ... The barns are being renovated but I think that the ivy is all that is holding up this house.

I recently also visited an old airfield where we did some photos - this one is also slowly returning to nature with the grass & greenery on the roof, the bushes growing taller & wilder.

Rural derelict building, Shropshire\

It is fascinating to see how nature reclaims its space & how the buildings blend in more & more ....

Do you share my fascination? Have you visited such places?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Empty buildings always make me want to walk in :) Thanks for sharing and for stopping in!

    1. Thanks for returning the visit Kristin, I love your blog - it is so inspirational.

      Whenever I visit empty buildings, I wonder what sort of lives were lived in them & why they became unwanted.


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