Friday, 26 October 2012

Some fairy magic ...

I have a great love for interesting plates, cups, jugs, bowls - any interesting china & glass in fact.

This probably came about from from my Mother owning & using lovely things & then later spending a whole summer in the China & Glass department of a large, up market department store in South Africa during my student years.

I was impressed by how much some customers loved their china & glass - how many would come in to ask us to order in replacement pieces for their special sets. These had to be ordered from the potteries in England & I loved the sheer joy on people's faces when their new china arrived ....

As my daughters grew up, I have used interesting china & glass at home & bought them their own special pieces to enjoy.

I chose the lovely Susie Watson Fairy design when they were both younger ...

The two sets are almost identical & I so not profess to know which plate, cup or bowl goes with which daughter but I love the fun aspect of it

We have been fortunate to add a milk jug each & a butterdish (Gabriella Miller similar to Susie Watson) which is often used as a serving plate.

 I am pleased to say that I introduced my girls to china, glass & patterns - why put up with boring when you can enjoy something special.

Do you have a special set or pattern you enjoy?

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