Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Enjoying the changing colours of Autumn

It was not long ago that I was looking forward to Spring & the freshness it brings & now we are facing Autumn already. 

However, Autumn comes with some of my favourite colours which seem to change overnight in to stunning hues.

I love to explore new places & so my friend & I set off to enjoy the Autumn colours in the pretty Worchestershire village of Arley.

Arley Station on the Severn Valley Railway route

The lovely, unassuming Arley church

It was our first visit to the stunning arley-arboretum and it did not disappoint.

These massive redwood trees just towered above us & looking up to photograph them made me feel a little dizzy ...

Arley Arboretum, Worcestershire

The walled Italian garden was stunning with two gorgeous fountains & a lovely arbour - I have been thinking about an arbour all summer for my garden ... I think I should!

I rather like guinea fowls which were always a familiar sight around Africa & these were some that were browsing in the walled garden. I have not seen a white one before & the other motley one may have been a juvenile - please tell me if you know why its feathers were still grey rather than patterned.

We had come to view the trees and were not disappointed with the selection. I loved the beautiful colours & shapes of the leaves - here is a selection of ones I photographed!

Because of our very wet Summer, there were loads of interesting fungi / mushrooms under the trees where it was damp ... We couldn't get down lower to do photos as the ground was soaked but we loved the stunning detail in them all.

The sheltered walled garden was still an absolute riot of colour - absolutely breath-taking in its intensity! ♥ These colours are just so uplifting!

Beautiful Autumn colours at Arley Arboretum, Worcestershire

Some bees & butterflies were enjoying the last of the Summers nectar

My hydrangeas at home tend to be small & not very exciting but they grow ubundantly at Arley in all shapes, sizes & colours .... the top right hand ones would be my choice as they are my favourite colours because of their vintage look in colours that I love.  I so want my hydrangeas to be abundant like this so I can pick huge bunches for the house ....

These red leaves entwining on the evergreens reminded me of Christmas lights on a tree because they were so bright.

Arley Arboretum, Worcestershire

A very interesting time doing photos in a new place ... I hope you have enjoyed my visit to Arley with me. Please stop by again & leave your details so I can return the visit.

Dee ~♥ ~


  1. I love your blog and your photographs are beautiful!

    1. Thank you kindly Sparklegem - I love taking photos & it is nice to have an outlet for them! Thanks for visiting & do stop by again.

  2. absolutely beautiful as are becoming so thinks a change of career should be taken...

    always a pleasure looking at your blog and photos Dee


    1. You are too kind my friend; as you know, I love getting out & about & enjoying nature & the change of things .... xxx

  3. It was a real find, I look out for others.

    1. It certainly is a lovely place, well found. We shall have to visit in other seasons too .... xxx


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