Saturday, 6 October 2012

“There. I said it.”

“There. I said it.”

These interesting words caught my eye in the week from a favourite blog I read of - "there-i-said-it"

Head over & read the post. It struck a chord with so many people because many of us dream quietly to ourselves, not daring to say aloud because so often we are afraid to or because it seems too big to chase it or simply because we are scared of change ...

By simply saying the words "There. I said it" it makes your dreams & thoughts seem real - if you can dream it, you can say it aloud; verbalise it.

And so I said it:

Dee says:
What a stunning post – to say aloud what we think of when we dream to ourselves ….
As with many older women, my youngest leaves home next year for university & after tutoring privately for some years, I need a break to have time for myself to indulge my passions of photography, table settings & getting my new blog to a wider audience – I want to inspire people like this has inspired me ….
So visit my blog & encourage me all you experienced bloggers … there I said it x
Dee at the Carlton

Some years 10 years ago I left mainstream education to follow a dream of being self-employed & even though it was incredibly hard in the beginning, I now have regular 'educated otherwise' students from 5-16 year olds who make my week challenging & interesting. They keep me sharp & it is a pleasure because it is something I have chosen to do & I have had to work incredibly hard at to turn it into my modest livelihood.

But as I put in the above, once my daughter heads off to Uni, hubby consults away a lot & I will  find a different rhythm to my days & so my mind is wondering what direction that will take.

I am passionate about taking photos but I want to take really good photos, to be able to say 'I am a photographer' & know it is true.  I have embarked on a learning curve to understand & use my camera properly, to challenge myself to do the best photos I can.  My friends daughter has helped in this regard as she has asked me to take photos at her wedding in 2014 & I want it to be something I am proud to do & that she says 'WOW' when she sees the photos ...

I am also passionate about beautiful table settings & food & my photos fall short so that is a specialist area I am working on too ... food photography.

I am hoping my regular readers will continue to inspire me to improve my blog because I love the international scope of blogging - how small the world really is & how we enrich each others lives so please stop by regularly & I will do so too.

So please stop for a minute, put those dreams into words & say: "I want to ... ... There. I said it"

Another fabulous blog also picked up on Miss Mustard Seeds theme - head over to  inspired by charm-there-i-said-it and read his dream for the future then share your dream here please x

Thank you for planting the seeds Miss Mustard Seed; I hope it continues to spread.

Dee ~♥~


  1. Well said. I'm a fan and thoroughly enjoy your posts and photos. Its fun to see another part of the world's daily life thru blogs. Carry on (:

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Susy - the internet world of blogs has made it so much easier to explore the world through each others blogs!


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