Tuesday, 9 October 2012

An illuminating time ....

I have taken photos for ever, or so it seems & I am always challenging myself to try something new or do something better. Sometimes we are our own worst critics because I know when something is not as good as I would like it to be.

Are you like that?

We are a family that are seldom seen without a camera of sorts as we take photos wherever we are ....

I am a keen food / place setting / outdoor photographer & I know that I get those photos right most of the time.

Summery fruit lunch


2011 A Shropshire Thanksgiving table

However, I know my limitations & one of them is flash photography so belonging to a local facebook photograhy group is useful as there is a wealth of knowledge & experience.

They arranged a meet in an abandoned aircraft hanger which seemed a very good place to learn about lighting.

We all arrived bright & early to get the most out of it

While all the lighting was being set-up, it was a perfect time to explore the site - down a dark corridor towards the light

Godson silhouetted in a doorway

 Godson - a keen photographer at just 9, posing

My off-camera light efforts

and a product photography photo

More my confort zone - outdoor photo's ….

And youngest on the right & her friend ...

All in all a very interesting time but I realise that I need:
* lots of work on flash settings
* lots of work to fully understand the manual settings on my camera that I   don't use too often
* lots more time to go exploring in interesting abandoned places as time ran out for us ...

Do you know your strengths & your weaknesses?
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Dee ~♥~


  1. Well I must say your photo's do not need much fixing if any!!! You have put a lot of thought and time into achieving great photo's! X K

    1. You are always too kind my dear friend Kath - I get frustrated at indoor / low lighting photography because I want to be able to do it without thinking about it so that is my challenge - to just do it consistently well but thank you for being supportive.


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