Friday, 5 December 2014

A nature inspired sideboard

It is too early to get the sideboard ready for the festive season but it is time for a change from my favourite Ralph Lauren Time plates.

While on a visit to one of the many pottery factories of Stoke on Trent, I spied these Spode woodland animal plates & bought them.

I decided on a pastural scene for a change & wandered around the house collecting some things:
* the little deer antlers bought recently on a trip to the coast ..
* some pheasant feathers that I love
* a vintage tea tin to hold the feathers
* a red wooden footed bowl
* 2 red wooden bowls
* some vintage leather books
* a vintage primitive painting

Favourite wooden items - the colours are perfect in our home

I love this plate design - reminds me of our bunny ..

I found 2 larger plates to use with my new spode ones …

I love the vintage unframed painting paired with the gorgeous blue leather book

A few simple items that were gathered & now the sideboard looks welcoming & interesting again. It also gives me time to plan our Christmas sideboard.

I hope your week is going well - are you on track with all the things that need doing? Thanks for stopping by & taking time to leave a comment.
Dee ~♥~


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Debs - I was rather pleased with it as I have deviated from my normal sideboard style.

  2. I am on clock restrictions.....but your RL plates are gorgeous! I have never seen any like them......they would be great for a New Years Eve party!

    1. Oh Lynda - my daughters have bought most the Ralph Lauren clock plates for me. They are made by Wedgwood in the potteries near us for Ralph Lauren & are quite hard to find as most are shipped to the US …
      I love their quirkiness & have them out often. I hope your festive planning is going well.

  3. I have just enjoyed going through your posts.
    Love your mix of making/restoring things and
    a sight of the places you've visited.
    If you have time please have a look at my blog
    (hope my comments fits the box!)
    with best wishes

    1. Thank you for stopping by & taking time to read the posts. I always appreciate feedback & love having new readers …. I am heading over to your blog right now because I love finding new people & their blogs


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