Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It is looking more festive at home …

Hi everyone,

Please tell me that you are all still getting ready too & that your tree is just going up?

We have had such a busy time at home that I have not had a chance to get organised.  I have seen lovely trees at the homes of my students & bemoaned the fact that mine is still in the depths of my loft.

One of my lovely Mum's has once again had a wreath ready as a gift for me - a gift from her heart that she knows I really appreciate. I could not wait to get it home & put it on my front door so it looks festive.

This morning, with both daughters due home, I suddenly had a spurt of energy & got the long garland & lights done for our inglenook fireplace. I think I need to still find a very long garland or two that will drape all the way down but I just haven't found one yet ….

I have only put a small tree up & even changed the sideboard in the conservatory.

I love to look back over 2012 previous years & 2013 last year efforts; it is always a little different & this is my 2014 version.

and the drinks trays in the conservatory were checked, bottles wiped down or replaced & a little tree with IKEA battery lights & some cocktail decorations added … looking a lot better.

The dining room sideboard is smaller but still got a festive touch, then time for an early festive meal as we can't all be together on Christmas day

My two ladies each have a lovely festive garland on their heads …

I love my candle sticks with their dangly crystals ….

My Venetian crystal set is always out at Christmas

Much better - it is starting to feel festive in our home, hope yours is too …

Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~


  1. Everything looks so inviting and beautiful!

    1. Oh thank you Debbie - it is not as festive as other years, but have a busy time ahead so thought I would have less to pack away if I take out less. How is your decorating coming on?


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