Sunday, 2 March 2014

Learning some new chalk paint techniques

The arrival of slightly better weather & the anticipation of  the change of the clocks this month to Summer time has given me new energy.

I love changing my decor at home. I am quite a dab hand at painting things I do not like to bring them up to date rather than buy something else like my desk with the bright emperor-silk interior & a gold frame recently.

Whenever I browse pinterest, I see some amazing French inspired makeovers I know I would love so when I saw that the Vintage Shop Shrewsbury   was running the Annie Sloan paint courses, I booked both the introductory & advanced courses.

I have painted several items of furniture already but I wanted to be secure in the techniques. I think that is the teacher / educationist in me wants to know as much as possible.

I did the advanced first & it was interesting even though I was not sure that I will use the stencilling too much, until I saw Tristan's Annie Sloan example which was fabulous - not stencilling as we know it. I am very pleased to have the skills if I want to use them.

The techniques I was happiest with was surprisingly for me, I was quite taken with the decoupage & crackle glaze technique. It certainly is something I will use again, especially as I understand the technique ….

The introductory course which I did later, was very informative & the uses of soft / dark wax was particularly interesting.

Comparing our colour choices with Julie

Using the soft & dark waxes is always interesting & when to use the soft wax first

Our boards with some of our first colour choices

I was so pleased to see a familiar face too & it was a lovely afternoon again with Tristan giving us the benefit of his knowledge & experience.  I have bought Annie Sloan paint from him for the past year as he was the first stockist in Shropshire.

We were once again served lovely tea & cake midway through the afternoon which gives our paint time to dry & for us to browse & chat about our painting dilemmas.

My two boards at home - the advanced above, introductory below. I am still inclined towards using multi-techniques to create the 'French look' rather than flat surface painting that is popular.  I am still hugely critical of my techniques because I know the look I want, I just have to perfect my techniques to achieve a really good finish that I would be happy with.

I arrived home with a fresh eye thinking … what else can I paint?

Are you inspired to show your creative side?  Have you done any painting?

Thanks for stopping by, please leave a comment so I know you have been ….

Dee ~♥~


  1. I took the beginner class 2 summers ago and love it! I have just about painted all my "brown" furniture and have sold several pieces. I love the amazing make overs. Have a great week!

    1. Fabulous Lynda - so glad that you found it useful. Have you put some of your work on your fabulous blog? I will head over to look for inspiration. Have a lovely week & thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Hi Dee! I bought some Annie Sloan paint & wax yesterday in Parys! Cannot wait to use it! Wish you were here to help me! Love your pics. Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Absolutely fabulous - you shall have to tell me which colours you bought. Skype Friday? xx


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