Monday, 17 March 2014

Making a new noticeboard

I shared in the previous post the process of using 3 random items at home for a new look for our entrance hall.

We always use the entrance for notices or messages but the little magnetic board was not quite right so I knew that a new noticeboard was needed.

I had made a noticeboard for my bedroom so I have some experience with how to do it. The frame was a dated gold picture frame that was a good size so I took the backing board off; painted & waxed it at the same time as the little table & picture frame.

I have been asked several times how I do the noticeboard so this is my version

The picture frame backing board was padded with some wadding. The easiest way is to use a glue gun & to stick it to the board edges. I used a neutral interlining to cover the board because I love the soft feel  & colour of it.

I always like to plan my ribbons by cutting a sheet of paper the right size then working it all out.

I had a few different ribbons so I worked out the pattern, measured it to keep it straight then hot glued it to the edges to keep it in place.

Because the backing board is thin hardboard, I knew from experience that the tacks would come through the back, so I worked on a wooden board, pushing the tacks all the way through to the back before securing them with a good blob of hot glue on the back to keep it in place.

The backing board was secured back into the frame & it was ready for hanging.

It is the perfect combination & now serves a really useful purpose - up cycled & serving a good purpose now.

Thanks for stopping by, for reading this & for taking the time to leave a comment. I hope I have inspired you to try something different.



  1. How fun! We are so glad you visited us over at Button Floozies and hope you come back again, soon!

    1. Thanks for returning the visit Laurie - I will certainly be back over to visit your blog again soon

  2. I like this kind of notice board as you can adapt it to suit the style of your decor.

    1. Thanks Maggi - I agree as it is more in keeping with my d├ęcor & still has a very useful purpose in our busy lives. Thanks for stopping by again ....


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