Saturday, 1 March 2014

Market browsing time ...

I love trips to market towns that still have varied & interesting markets to browse rather than new generic towns.

Bridport in Dorset has been a market town since " 1253 the town was awarded its first Charter by Henry III"

The Saturday vintage market is a treat - always lots to look at & enjoy then breakfast at a coffee sop in town

Fabulous vintage sampler - so beautiful & so much work & patience

I loved these stall items & the busker who was rather good ...

Then off for a walk around a favourite local village of Walditch - sad seeing massive trees fallen over in the recent gales

West Bay harbour is always another favourite spot with its imposing cliffs which regularly give up their fossils. Unfortunately the cliffs have also been collapsing with all the storms so their profile looks different yet again.

A fabulously relaxing break. Do you have a favourite place you escape to?

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  1. you take the most wonderful photographs! you have that eye for the important things in life, although all life is worthy.

    1. You are too kind - I love taking photos & am seldom without either my little Sony handbag camera or my larger Canon 5D which I love.

      A friend recently joked that I could find something good to photograph anywhere & I think she is right because even in the bleakest places I can find a little detail I like through the lens ....


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