Saturday, 28 January 2012

Early morning photography in the Shire

One of my New Years resolutions was to get out & find new places in our beautiful county of Shropshire to photograph and so this morning a good friend & I set out with my Godson & my daughter to find a castle ruin that we did not know about but I had seen in passing in a book in a local charity / thrift shop.

The car kept beeping to warn that the temperatures were under freezing but we were wrapped up & had our flasks in the back.

I cannot believe that I / we have not visited the beautiful Moreton Corbet Castle ruins before.

What a stunning view greeted us - this massive ruins that imposes itself on the surrounding landscape, its beautiful golden stone glistening with frost in the early morning sunshine.  We were all in awe of the size of it - I can only imagine how amazing it must have looked 300 years ago in its heyday!

The country church that shares its name is just as charming with absolutely stunning altar & roof. Inside were beautiful stained glass windows & some beautiful features like winged angels that I love so much. However, the angels were flanked by carved skulls which was rather off putting ....

I rather like spending time in churches & the grave yards - it gives an amazing sense of history & echoes the spirit of the local area & I always find them so peaceful & beautiful. Does anyone else take time to read the inscriptions on the stones?

Then back to the car to retrieve the flasks of hot tea / Milo (a milk energy drink) and some oat bars to warm us up while we exchange news & photos.

We all agreed that the only way to improve our photography this year is to get out & take photos in unfamiliar environments & then be critical of our own work .

I hope you have enjoyed the beautiful Moreton Corbet trip with me.

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Dee ~♥~

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