Sunday, 22 January 2012

A little bit of Safari Chic in Ethiopia

Safari chic seems to be on Michael Kors agenda for this Spring & while mulling over the look I thought back to how practical it would really be out travelling around Africa.

We grew up & lived in Africa & have spent a lot of time recently travelling around Ethiopia for the 5 years hubby worked there.  We were extremely fortunate to be able to travel all over the amazing country.

They have several Safari lodges - this one aptly called Safari Lodge south east of Addis Ababa near Nazareth. It was beautifully laid out with stunning decor & facilities ...

Safari Lodge, Nazaret, Ethiopia

 This was tucked away in a back street on the edge of a bustling town & as lovely as it was, it was not  a rustic Safari Lodge at all ....

However, Wenney's Eco Lodge near Lake Langano in the Great Rift Valley fits the traditional Safari Lodge perfectly - remote, true to form & just relaxing.

Wenney's Eco Lodge Ethiopia

We visited Wenney's three times & loved it each time, an oasis in the African bush. The decor was just so simple but well thought out.  The rooms are beautiful & comfortable ....

When travelling in a 4x4 for up to 10 days at a time over great distances, it is not possible to take much luggage so we would choose some basics which could be layered up in the cool  4000+m mountains or would still be suitable for trekking to the hot Blue Nile or visiting churches where it is respectful to be modest.

My uber-stylish girls just got this right .... what do you think?

My safari chic girls

My own 'look' included lots of white tops, scarves,  safari jackets & some bold high street accessories that were not precious or valuable to take in all the changes  ......

Safari chic or not ....

I don't think we ever really consciously did the 'Safari' look but we seemed to be fine on our travels .... what do you think?

The one Safari contribution was a cookery book bought for my birthday by the girls in Addis ... A Safari Kitchen is just the most exquisite book, filled with stunning photos & beautiful recipes. We did actually make several of them at our home in northern Ethiopia.

A kitchen Safari book

How lovely is this book?

So happy 'Safari chic' memories .... I hope you have enjoy reading this topic, please stop by & leave your comments.

Dee ~♥~

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  1. Hello D, this is such a nice post and opens up a totally new world to me - I have never been to Africa. But my father's friend was hunting there over more than 25 years - mainly Kenia- they were part of that 'colonial' type of people which do not exist now anymore. He smoked a pipe and she was a real lady, he covered her in gold and exclusive outfits and had her a leopard coat made to size. But that is how it was then. You must write down more of that, please. I confess i have not have time yet to go through all your blog but it is certainly worthwhile :-)


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