Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Enjoying a walk along the canals ...

We are blessed with the lovely Shropshire Union Canal & enjoy walking along the canals as it winds its way through many of our lovely towns & villages.

A cold crisp day is always good to combine a walk & photography so we went along to a small town along the canal that we had not visited before ....

This stretch of the canal has a set of locks to lower the boats.

I find canal life quite fascinating & especially the folk art on the boats & how they are personalised with colours, lights & even wind turbines or solar power. They also reflect normal life with some being very neat & others quite random .....

The crisp bright weather seems to have spurred the wildlife into action & I had fun photographing the washing ducks as they thrashed about in the water to wash to dry themselves.

Some of the boats along the canal are permanently moored so they have established gardens & patios along the side, a community within a community! One boat even had a festive wreath & lights on it & the owner happily chatted to me while I took a photo. I saw a puff of smoke from another & could quite imagine the owners lighting their fire for warmth while they relaxed in front of the fire ....

I simply love the splash of colour from red berries along the hedgerows & so I practised taking macro photos of some of them. It is very relaxing & varied along the canals & afterwards we headed into the local pub to warm up with a plate of cod & chips .... a perfect way to spend the day!

Anyone else as fond of the canals as I am?

Till next time, Dee ♥

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