Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Catching up with my paperwork ....

Some days just don't have enough hours and even if they had more hours, we would probably just fill them up with more things to be done.

Today, an unexpected free afternoon meant that I had time to just take life a little slower than I had anticipated.

I turned the wonderful leftover roast root vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut, parsnip & lots of red onions) into a warming soup for lunch.

Our dull, grey weather needs brightening up so I took all my working bits out into our bright conservatory to work in the light - surrounded by my Spring colours (I am always impatient for Spring) so it felt brighter than it actually was.

Dee's working lunch

How can you not feel uplifted when surrounded by such brights? I absolutely love the brightness of the 3 IKEA cushions on my wicker bench. They were an impulse buy on my last trip to Ikea - a great buy me thinks!

Unexpected time alone that was not planned for always makes me feel indulgent so I put the soup in a lidded bowl I rather like & used the vintage monogrammed "D" plates the daughters had found for Christmas.

They are just so pretty that my simple soup & hot roll lunch just tasted wonderful! Life's simple pleasures make the difference.
Another view of my tranquil lunch at home - perfectly at peace with the world.

Do you seize unexpected time to just sit back & recharge your batteries? 

Wishing you a happy & peaceful day whatever you do ....

Dee ~♥~

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