Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Make your handbags work for you .....

While on the subject of handbags, I thought I would add my working handbags .... I work as a private tutor with children from 5-16 who are 'educated otherwise' or homeschooled for cultural reasons.

I fortunately have 2 large Fiorelli bags - one black, one white, to carry around all the bits I need.  I often have both bags in my car with equipment as I tutor a range of age groups 4 days a week.

My working day black Fiorelli

Sometimes I manage to put my purse etc in with the work but not always so I often have a handbag too .... I know ♥

My handbags have to be versatile .- when out walking or doing photos, I often take a hot drink & a snack with & these are often just tucked into a handbag too ....
Fiorelli handbag on a Shropshire Union Canal walk

Don't you just love the firefly bottle?

Daughter & I each bought a little flask this past winter - 300ml's is perfect to carry around. Don't you agree?
Essential Autumn walking things ....

Shropshire Union Canal, Brewood

Another favourite is a little Cath Kidson zip up bag which I use to protect extra camera bits if I don't want to carry a camera-, hand- & snackbag ...

Time for hot chocolate

Flasks are certainly needed for early morning photography in the Shire at the moment as there is not always a coffee shop handy & in these times of austerity, what better than a flask of something warm!

So ladies, make your bags work hard for you ... some are made for it!

Till next time, take care
Dee ♥

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