Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Doors are the gateway to your home ....

I met up with a good friend Elle today in a local town. Bridgnorth is a pretty Shropshire town perched high on the Severn River. It has a high & low town and for the lazy amongst us, there is a hilltop railway that runs up & down the steep hill.

The town is steeped in a long history as these plaques remind us. This one on the Governor's house is dated 1633

East Castle Street dates to c1786 and names people such as the engineer Thomas Telford ....

While having a walk, I passed several doors that I loved - the town is fairly traditional yet many of the doors are brightly painted & interesting so I thought I would take photos of some that caught my eye.

Bridgnorth doors, Shropshire

I would love to see behind some of these doors but these are just a few of the many there. Do you have a favourite? Which one is your favourite?

Is your front door interesting or functional? Please share your thoughts with us ....

Till next time


  1. a great collage of some fabulous favourite....mmmm...there are a few, but i'm intrigued by the pale duck-egg blue one to the top right of the collage...also the bright fuscchia (?) coloured one....who knows what or who we might find behind those doors 'eh....

    mine is white...fairy new (yay) as the last one was a nightmare to open and close properly...and it's got some lovely red roses on the glass front - because I adore red roses!!

    1. Thank you, I was also drawn to the cerise one & of course to ones with plants on either side - the symmetry is pleasing to the eye.

      I do love your front door - it is very pretty & is your style to a 't'.



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