Saturday, 4 February 2012

Thinking of beautiful tables ....

I love planning beautiful tablesettings / table scapes & for special events, I find an idea I really like then spend time finding things that will complement what I already have to make it special for visitors. I get great enjoyment from being creative in that way & sometimes I think I have a talent even ....

I have hosted Thanksgiving for the past three years in our Shire. A friend's brother lives in the US and we thought we would share his little traditions in our own way & that is how Shropshire Thanksgivings started.

The first year - a small intimate gathering of friends became a dinner for 12 so our original plan of supper in the diningroom became dinner in the conservatory where there is more place & that is how it has remained.

The setting is limited to 12 lucky ladies because I was most fortunately gifted a 12 place setting cutlery set and because our crockery, table is at full stretch for 12.

Our first years setting was fairly traditional with Autumn colours & it worked very well.

A Shropshire Thanksgiving

and then our 2010 one became a double setting. I first set my favourite type of setting - white on white - classic & elegant.

WHITE Thanksgiving table

The night before the daughter was unconvinced & she thought it needed more colour so we reset with a very vibrant pink silk fabric  ....

PINK Thanksgiving table

and 2011 Thanksgiving saw a very traditional setting with Heritage Blue plates showing the UK flag etc

2011 A Shropshire Thanksgiving table

2011 A Shropshire Thanksgiving

Do you have a favourite setting? Which would you like to dine at the most?

Happy weekend friends

Dee ♥

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