Saturday, 18 February 2012

Downton Ralph Lauren ...

 I am a massive Downton Abbey fan - what elegance, what drama, what gorgeous clothes and I am so pleased that our friends across the pond in the US have taken to it so well too ....

What is there not to love about that age of contrasts: elegance & undercurrents, beauty & routine, upstairs & downstairs, excess & ordinariness?

My daughters are a massive Ralph Lauren fan - the tailored styles suit them so well & they just love the classic style & colours.  This is the most amazingly beautiful bedroom, what is there not to love about this bedroom so even I am won over ....


I digress .... This week, Ralph Lauren has come out with a Downton Abbey inspired look for this season. The Telegraph announced:
American designer Ralph Lauren looked to English country style for his latest collection.


What fabulously classical styles & interpretations -


Do you have a favourite? If this is going to be our Autumn / Winter trends then I look forward to it. Forewarned is forearmed - look for this look ....

Keep savvy, keep chic
Dee ♥

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