Sunday, 5 February 2012

Some welcome snow at last ....

Our Winter has been mild with little hint of the frozenness of 2010 when we struggled through the snow for weeks in Shropshire.

Christmas came & went & somehow it did not feel right without a dusting of snow. The forecasters have finally got it right and after an arctic blast this week, we have had some snow in the Shire.

I love the quietness it brings; everything is just cushioned in a layer of softness that brings a stillness to life, so quiet that everything is just slower & more relaxed.

The sound was broken up last night by a driver in a sports car who couldn't get up the road & within minutes neighbours had stopped & 'Dave' (I know his name as sound carries so well ... ) was being urged to drop back two feet then try again as 3 guys put their backs into getting him moving again.  Everyone just seems more open, friendly & helpful - a real sense of community comes back for a while & it feels good.

Shropshire snow

Daughter & I were disappointed by foggy skies but we took the cameras out around our local streets. We went for a walk down to The Flash, our local pond, and took some photos, chatted to some random walkers & then got home to shovel our drive before it compacted or iced.

Hope your Sunday is warm & cosy & that your are enjoying the snow too ....

Dee ♥

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