Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A new bust ....

I know, the heading is totally misleading but I rather like sculptural busts dotted about the house - they often have a perfect presence that just adds to a space.

My desk in my bedroom is a favourite place for some of the smaller busts - they just add a calmness to the space that I rather like ....
My desk , my workspace ....

A favourite is this one of my daughter's that 'lives' on my desk, she is just so elegant....

On either side of her are two small heads that sit on my bookends - their appearance of wisdom & closeness inspires me to tackle my paperwork.

In the lounge I have a phrenology head for no other reason than I find him quite interesting & he goes well with my 'mock' vellum books & vintage 'HOME' blocks.

Last week, I was out browsing with a friend in a pretty local town and we were talking busts & how difficult it is to find one that you really like when I happened upon this stunner in an antiques shop. I just knew she would be right at home with me!
New sculpture bust ....

I love her elegance & stature so she came home with me & now happily sits on the diningroom sideboard facing the garden ....

Do you like statues, sculptures & architectural busts?  Please share your comment & link so I can return the visit  ....

Dee ♥


  1. she's perfect....kinda looks like she has made herself very much at home!!!!! x

    1. She certainly does fit in just fine with us girlies ... a great find, thanks for helping me to carry her back to the car! The things we do .... hehe ♥

  2. Hello Dee, Oh you've just touched my heart! I love busts - wish I could find more - yours are beautiful! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Kathy & for including me in your beautiful blog! I have found so much more inspiration ... I will definitely be looking in again!


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