Friday, 10 February 2012

An icy end to the week ....

The snow was so exciting last weekend but as they week has worn on, we are still faced with large mounds of shovelled snow which is now solid ice on the lawn.

Last night we had icy rain which froze in layers on the car ....

and my fountain is completely solid, with the silver ball being covered in layers of ice too ...

and the bamboo is solid ice .... what is it like where you are?

Iced bamboo in my garden

and how about this tree, seen this afternoon - frozen in time?

Icy winter trees ....

Keep safe & warm & have a fabulous weekend everyone
Dee ♥


  1. bbbrrr....cold....keep warm and stay safe!!! xxx

    1. That is true but it is so pretty when everything is crisp & clear ♥


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