Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A little of what you enjoy ....

I love visiting small local towns because they all have their interesting bits. Many are not as busy or thriving as they once were but they still have aspects which are appealing.

Market Drayton, north Shropshire claims to be the home of gingerbread as this sign says

Market Drayton has some lovely black & white Tudor buildings still with their quaint old windows & heavy, solid doors

I caught a glimpse of this church through an alleyway & went to investigate - WOW, what a splendid view that monument has. The church itself has some lovely gargoyles including one with a blue metal collar to keep it in place (I think). It rather looks like you are out walking your gargoyle ….

My heart sang at this view in a window .... WOW, how absolutely lovely are these jars?

En route home, I passed the tiny hamlet of Chetwynd with its beautiful church & decided to pull in & have a look.  I love exploring church yards & churches - they remind us of the frailty of life & our faith ....

I just love the details on the doors & the work in the details everywhere - such pride in making it look 'just right' .....

The trip reminded me that I one of my resolutions this year is to make time to do new things or visit places - however close - that I have not been to before. A good start me thinks.

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