Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sunday pancake breakfast

We all like a family breakfast & luckily daughters b/f is a dab hand at pancakes & I am not one to stand in the way of anyone sharing the cooking.

A cold day called for pancakes with fruit - kiwi & stewed apples - as well as yoghurt (me) and ice-cream (the young ones)

So this was our Sunday breakfast in the conservatory so we can enjoy the garden.

Sunday breakfast

I am inclined towards brightness after a long Winter so our conservatory colours have changed to brights - a favourite table cloth, some new IKEA cushions & pink throw for the wicker bench & some bright peonies for the mercury silver vase ....

The cutlery is some vintage coloured cutlery  I particularly like ♥

Do you do lazy family breakfasts when you can? 

Please feel free to comment - anon or otherwise

Dee ♥

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