Sunday, 22 January 2012

Michael Kors does Safari chic handbags for Spring ....

I freely admit to being a handbag lover & I also have a great love for Africa where I was born & spent a large part of my life. 

So I read with interest that Michael Kors Spring 2012 is “safari chic”michael-kors-safari-chic

I love safari chic having spent a lot of time travelling around South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho & Ethiopia so I read on with some interest .....

Some of the bags are nicer than others and it is interesting that he is doing 'Safari Chic' ... which was my 'look' for the 2011 Bridport Hat Festival - bridport hat fest

Hat festival time .... Will Safari chic work?

The 'look' was inspired by my favourite film 'Out of Africa' - a totally stunning epic - watch it if you haven't yet seen it, even just for the amazing scenery & the magnificent, stirring music of John Barry. Out of Africa

I customised a favourite pith helmet with a vintage brooch on a cream headband, added a monotone maxi-dress, natural coloured bangles & a linen structured safari jacket and carried a ... Mulberry Bayswater

How it came together on the day ....

Safari chic ...

What do you think of his 'Safari Chic' handbags? Which would you choose? I would certainly have loved to have one of those bags to go with my Safari chic outfit ...

More Safari Chic on the next post  - right out of Africa little-bit-of-safari.chic
Dee ~♥~

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