Friday, 6 January 2012

A change is needed ....

The tree is down, all bagged & returned to the loft for another year. Somehow the lounge seems larger and barer without the glistening lights .....

However, a change is always good & I am taking inspiration from a table setting I did over the holidays for breakfast.

That shade of pink & green are a favourite table setting combination because it just looks fresh & bright & inviting after the dark days of midwinter.

The green table glasses are a f♥b vintage find rhat we have used for a number of years, the green jug was a great charity shop find to go with them. 

So, that is the change of colours for the conservatory to bring on brightness, more to follow soon.

Do you like the change?

Pop back to see the other bits soon, Dee ♥


  1. bright and lovely...a gorgeous fresh setting...mite call for some home-made victoria sponge cake

    1. So true dear friend, a nice slice of Victoria sponge would go very well with filter coffee & garden planning!


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