Thursday, 31 December 2015

As 2015 ends ....

I feel reflective on this last day of the year ...

This morning, we had a most beautiful sunrise in our Shire - the type that beings warm light flooding in to our home.

The brilliant light filled me with thankfulness for another year of blessings received.

This past year, Ms M & I had a wonderful time in India revisiting her childhood spent there but our last few days were tempered with the thoughts that Olive, our 91 year old mother-in-law had fallen & we had a sense of foreboding that at her age this was never good.

After a difficult few months, we took leave of Olive - the end of an era; the sense that things have changed in the family dynamics & we were now the top of the tree, responsible for keeping everyone together & keeping the family stories alive - sobering indeed.

Social media is a great divider - some really loathe & fear it, but for those of us with family spread far & wide, we embrace the contact it offers & the opportunities to keep in contact with family last seen decades ago. It has given me the privilege to peek in on lives of those who are far away. It is so interesting to see how life has treated people,  how well they have turned out & to celebrate (& marvel) at their talents & their lovely families - that is social media at its best - contact with each other is so much easier.

Distance becomes less important - a sense of pride prevails that you share genes with some amazing people.

However,  life comes with sadness & from a distance, have witnessed those who have lost their lives to cancer - a cousin earlier this year, and another two I grew up with, one who is now fighting the last fight, and the other who is very ill indeed too ...

It makes one more appreciative of the fragility of life so my thoughts at the end of 2015 is to embrace life everyone - nothing is guaranteed, nothing is promised. Go to bed thankful at night for blessings received & wake ready to embrace the new day, whatever it brings with it. Our day is ending with a huge rainstorm in the Shire but nothing like northern England with some terrible floods ...

Thank you for your company & comments, be blessed as this old year ends,
Dee ~♥~

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