Thursday, 3 December 2015

Bringing some colour in to the Winter darkness …

Hi everyone, thank you for stopping by.  Are you finding our dark nights have crept up on us rather quickly? I find the short days & long nights reset my body clock to 'hibernate' so I use lots of candles & led lights about the house to make it feel more cosy.

Because our kitchen is a calming country cream, it lends itself to change & colour. I have been rounding up some of my coloured glass to display them in the kitchen window where the light brings out their colour, and truth be told, they are too pretty to stay hidden too when colour is needed in Winter.

A stray strand of berry lights makes it glow with warmth at night too ...

As darkness sets in, the effect is rather stunning - perfect colour for dark, grey days! Go on - grab some of your pretty bits (or find some at thrift / charity shops) and add a string of lights for instant colour.

Colour me pretty 

I hope your day is as lovely as this - Thank you for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~

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