Thursday, 30 May 2013

The colourful Rhododendrons at Hodnet Hall Gardens

Don't you just love it when suddenly everything bursts into bloom after Winter?

We have had the coldest Spring in 50 years & so some colour is much needed to lift the spirits.

Shropshire is blessed with many beautiful gardens & I joined my lovely Godson's & their parents for a trip to see the fabulous Rhododendrons at Hodnet Hall Gardens.

I have not been before even though it is not far so what a treat ....

The stunning Magnolia's ...

I really love this vivid pink one :)

A selection of the yellow / orange palette ...

Bluebell wood - quintessential English & so very lovely next to the river

Have you enjoyed the sunshine & colour with me? What colours do you favour?

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Dee ~♥~

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Bleeding hearts ....

I deliberately avoid politics on my blog but after the very sad happenings in Woolwich,  I am posting this picture I took today of the bleeding hearts in my garden.

I have been greatly saddened by the death of one who served in my name & while gardening today, I looked at these bleeding hearts & thought they symbolise the event for me ...

2 pots of bleeding hearts - pink & white

The white heart is for the purity of spirit of those who serve in the name of Queen & country

The pink / red is for innocent blood shed ...

Thank you & RIP Drummer Rigby

Dee ~♥~

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Weekend baking ....

Do you stock up the cake tin with something nice for the weekend?

We all tend to be home on weekends & with many routines & activities, I try to bake something that can be enjoyed when everyone feels peckish.

These are some of my recent weekend bakes:

Banana & date muffins date-banana-cranberry-bread & muffins

Victoria Sandwich cake victoria-sponge

 Crunchies / flapjacks crunchies

Do you have a family favourite that you make?

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Dee ~♥~

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Emperor Silk time for my desk ....

I had so much good advice & feedback from my request re my desk that I just had to show you the progress ...

my-space is a desk in my bedroom, by the window with a view over the surrounding countryside & I keep all my letters & personal bits there but I have not been happy with the dark interior so decided to follow your advice ....

I bought my first tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint in a bold shade of Emperor's Silk!

I tucked a double layer of brown paper in to paint the edge against

I love the paint effect - I decided against a second coat of paint because I did not want a flat colour but the tones of the original surface to give it depth.

It now has a coat of clear wax too & I really love it because it is a vast improvement on the dark interior & it now looks so lovely when opened ♥

Thanks for the advice offered by the bloggers. What is your favourite painted colour?  I think I will be buying some more chalk paints for other projects ...

Dee ~♥~

Saturday, 11 May 2013

For all the Mothers ...

Even though we have already had our Mother's Day in the UK, we would have been sending wishes to Mama in Africa but since she is no longer with us, I am glad to have a different time to make it easier.


A friend shared this & I think it is so beautiful - enjoy

Ii DIVO Mama

Lyrics to Mama :
Mama, thank you for who I am
Thank you for all the things I'm not
Forgive me for the words unsaid
For the times I forgot

Mama remember all my life
You showed me love, you sacrificed
Think of those young and early days
How I've changed along the way [along the way]

And I know you believed
And I know you had dreams
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see
That I am where I am because of your truth
And I miss you, yeah I miss you

Mama forgive the times you cried
Forgive me for not making right
All of the storms I may have caused
And I've been wrong, Dry your eyes [dry your eyes]

Cause I know you believed
And I know you had dreams
And I'm sorry it took all this time to see
That I am where I am because of your truth
And I miss you, I miss you

Mama I hope this makes you smile
I hope you're happy with my life
At peace with every choice I made
How I've changed along the way [along the way]

Cause I know you believed in all of my dreams
And I owe it all to you, Mama

Happy Mother's Day to all the bloggers, make those calls, say your thanks & spoil your Moms while you can.

Dee ~♥~

Monday, 6 May 2013

Warmer weather - time to open the garden shed ....

I have shared my garden shed / summerhouse several times before - time-to-get-outdoors-ready-for-summer & my-little-retreat-in-garden

We have had a lovely 3 day long Bank Holiday weekend & with the sunshine I have thrown open the doors to my space for a spruce up after our long winter.

After finding evidence of a mouse last year, I made sure I closed it all up really well, sealed up the tiny knot hole on the floor & when I flung open the doors, the first thing I noticed was beads from the bead curtain on the floor & damaged ribbon ....

The knot hole on the floor has been enlarged / gnawed & again a cushion has been chewed for nesting material. I can only imagine that the field mouse thought the beads were food of sorts as it gathered them near the nest *sighs*

Do you have any humane advice to offer?

The wicker chair cushions were now too mousey so they were thrown out & our large pink cushions will have to do until I find replacement ones.

I changed the colours a little last year when I found the ribbon door curtains & so it has become more pink, blue & green - girlie even ...

I always love bunting in there & I am fond of the bright pink chandelier which the daughters do not like but I love the brightness of it ... what do you think?

This is our selection of pink cushions, rugs & textiles  ...

Some of the details on the ribbon curtain, bunting & cushions

The shabby chic outdoor baskets are a recent addition too & I think they are lovely

The various textures & surfaces are interesting in the limited colour range
It is now all de-moused (my own word ...) a champagne cork plugs its hole & I am hoping to spend much time there just reading, drinking tea, relaxing & catching up ... It has Wi-Fi from the house so I can catch up on all the lovely blogs too.

Thanks for stopping by - are you ready for summer?
Dee ~♥~