Sunday, 15 September 2013

TIPI glamping in Wales

Daughter has been glamping (glamorous camping) before & was keen to introduce us to it so she arranged tipi's in Wales for us all before the Autumn chills set in.
Our choice of venue was cledan valley tipi in the Cledan Valley in Wales.
Beth has a fabulous choice of accommodation - we decided on 3 different tipi's for our group (we could have had the 6 sleeper but decided to treat ourselves)
The tipi's /tepees were ready & beautifully set up on arrival so time to light the fire
A bit of exploring then deciding on a leisurely supper at the secluded part by our tent

Fires lit including a cast iron oven tucked into the hillside with a little chimney. Because it was a spur of the moment choice, we just grabbed what we had in the fridge at home & it was just right ...

We toasted the bread chunks on the fire then made a slit & had sausage / steak with salad & lovely salty halloumi on top - perfect finger supper while chatting around the fire.

Some images of the stunning site with the wind-farm on the hill in the distance

Beautiful morning light saw us doing some photos in the woods with the hat festival head piece

My stunning daughters enjoying the outdoors

The river is so lovely - some images of the clear water


Are you a camping fan or does glamping appeal much more .....

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Dee ~♥~

A fabulous hat festival again

Phew - the Bridport Hat Festival was another massive success.

I am so glad as the Hatters are family & they really put their heart in to the organisation. These were some of the hats entered in the Millinery competition so I helped to set them up for judging in the Town Hall

My primary role again was to get out & about, help where I could & most importantly take photos for the Hatters to use for promotion throughout the year.

My outfit plans getting-ready-for-another-hat-festival went out the window because I had a chilly 7am start at the Town Hall & the numerous stairs & distances to photograph it all meant a more practical outfit was required ....

I managed to meet up with various family members who were at the festival & daughters & Andy covered some photos too

The Bridport Mayor had a host of Mayors for an event & they sportingly wore hats - along with the stunning chains ...

Mayoral bling in & around Bridport

 Some of the many men who posed for photos around town

Lovely ladies about town

Daughter fortunately clambered up to do the mass hat photo

I did the street level one this year

Then off to the judging of the millinery hats - fabulous selection & hard choices

Do you do hats? What is your hat style? Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~♥~

Friday, 6 September 2013

Getting ready for another Hat Festival

Oh my gosh - time just seems to fly & it is almost time for yet another Bridport Hat Festival

I shared my hats from last year in my-hats-are-ready & this year I seem to be way behind (a common theme) & the event a-fabulous-hat-festival-once-again

I always take official photos for  The Hatters who are family & feel more comfortable approaching people for photographs if I have made the effort too ....

My 'look' was decided with the Great Gatsby which was a High School set work book of my youth & the gorgeous outfits in the movie just made up my mind.

I was lucky enough to find a 1920's inspired new dress by Principals & that seemed to be it for ages as I tried to decide on a hat.

Most of my hats are black & white so a brown dress was always going to be a challenge & an off the peg brown felt cloche hat would have been the easy way out but .... a week before the Hat Festival & I am still putting my outfit together.

After much (very much) searching I have found a millinery handmade silk cloche hat on EBay which needs customising.

The band seems to be visible so some invisible stitching is needed on it.

It also calls for a bold side statement - feathers & bling? 

Necklaces for the outfit - pearls (always a favourite of mine) with some colour. I have not found the right thing so more customising is needed.

Which shawl / scarf to choose?

Which side decoration for the hat?

Rows of pearls & a brooch catch ...

I think the large white feathers on the hat ....

Two other favourite hats going with again ...

So if you see me with my PRESS BADGE out & about, mention my blog, say HI & please pose for a photo. I will be scouting the best hats again for the numerous competitions ....

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Dee ~♥~

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

An impromtu BBQ

The nights are drawing in already & the 1st September is hailed as Autumn even though I prefer to view Autumn starting at the Autumn Equinox ....

We have to seize every moment to make the last of the good weather so this week we all decided on an impromptu evening bbq & within minutes the fire was going, another headed off to pick up some bits at the local shops & it as not long before we could all settle on the patio to relax & enjoy

Sweetcorn ready to wrap in foil with butter

Interesting drinks to try

Sweet peas picked from the garden

BBQ ready

Candles in the chimnea

It has been a good late blooming of the sweetpeas

I love interesting beer / cider names & labels

Ready - a perfect supper


A perfectly lovely supper outdoors - I hope the weather holds off because it is something we love doing & hopefully ....

Thanks for stopping by - are you making the most of the good weather too?
Dee ~♥~