Monday, 29 July 2013

New map curtains for our study

We have a small, very well used home study / library for our many books

Home study / office

We are a family with way too many books so this helps to keep them contained in a usable space - the normal books on the left bookcases where there is more direct light from the window, & our many leather bound antique books on the right where the fade less our of direct light.

We keep our cards in IKEA boxes on the shelf & I shared how I 'mapped' the boxes to make them fit in   by decorating-with-maps

I found some fabulous map fabric in Shrewsbury some weeks back but have only just found the time to change the curtain from a plain cream curtain (seen by the computer) to a map curtain to reflect our love of travelling.

Because we only use a single curtain at that window (it is private) , the task was easier.

Instead of starting from scratch & buying lining, I decided to use the plain cream curtain as the lining - just shortening it as it has always been too long behind the desk.

I washed the cream curtain & when dried, I started to attach the lovely new map fabric to it - a bit unconventional but it works very well in this instance.

The map fabric panel was the right width with a little to spare on each side; this was first sewn on the top (carefully to avoid the hook band) - pinned & then sewn in place.

The whole process was made much easier by using the original curtain & just shortening it as the cream curtain was too long behind the desk.

I am very pleased with the end result  because our study / library is all about our many travels & expeditions

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Colourful Dorset beach huts

I love interesting things so while doing some  early-morning-photography-walk-at-lyme-Regis we came across the beautifully painted beach huts along the seafront.

Because it was early morning, none were open but we did have a peek at some of the decorations & how the occupants have personalised their space

Very nautical view

Bunting is a popular choice

So very pretty - reminiscent of cupboards of old with fabric panels

Candy coloured doors in the morning light

How lovely is this row of pretty beach huts?

Why are the beach huts so popular? Wouldn't you love this view?

While walking along & taking photos, my thoughts were drawn to how I would customise a hut if I owned one (I live in the land locked county of Shropshire so no beach hut for me .... ) so I am content with customising  my-little-retreat-in-garden & warmer-weather-time-to-open-garden

Do beach huts appeal to you? Would you customise one or would it be utilitarian? 

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Early morning photography walk at Lyme Regis

I have neglected my blog this week because I have been visiting family down in Dorset & soaking up some much needed sun after a dull Spring.

Youngest daughter StacySparkle & I headed off at 6am on Sunday to do photos at Lyme Regis while the morning light was breaking & it is quiet.

Fabulous, we were both very pleased because we love photos without too many people & too bright lights.

Looking down the steep town street towards the sea - note the canon on the right from times past when the town defended itself

Looking up the steep town street - all decked out in bunting & looking very lovely

The famous Cobb wall along the harbour

The town is part of the Jurassic Coast of Dorset so the street lights reflect this beautifully

 A fisherman heading out to his boat ...

Lovely bright colours from the boats & surfboards

A young seagull

How fabulous are these colourful beach huts? It just makes you want to rent one to enjoy the view & to make it special ....

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Bruschetta with tomato, herb & garlic

There is nothing nicer than just relaxing on the weekend with simple Summer food, outdoors on the patio as the sun dips in the sky & the night cools.

It is perfect bbq weather too. I like to have something to nibble on while waiting for the meat to cook so decided on some simple bruschetta's.

We love our speciality breads & often buy several on the weekend for the house; any that is left is sliced & frozen to enjoy whenever we like.

I found herb & rosemary bread &  date & walnut bread slices so savoury & sweet breads as our base.

This is what I used:

Ripe vine tomatoes

We are all trying to stick to healthy eating so my foodies bought this prepara oil mister
prepara-tabletop-oil-mister & it is absolutely brilliant

Choice of a sweet & a savoury bread (& great grandma's bread knife)

Fresh garlic, crushed

Chillies - we all like it hot & spicy

The fabulous large IKEA lämplig chopping board that is perfect for this

I did not first toast the slices & they were just fine

Misted with organic rapeseed / canola oil (much less calories)

Chillies chopped

tomatoes chopped & drained in a small colander

Fresh herbs from our herb pots

 Herbs sliced with the herb scissors

Garlic, tomato, herbs, chillies & salt & pepper

Ready for the hot oven

Perfect to snack on while we catch up & wait for our bbq burgers

Perfect snack then ... supper time!

Home made pure beef burgers (mine with some Nando's sauce on top), home made sweet potato wedges, fresh coleslaw, beetroot & spinach leaves - absolutely perfect summer food!

..... and yes, that is a glass at the top of the plate - chilled white wine!

What are your favourite summer snacks?

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Dee ~♥~