Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Summer brings colour ….

At long last, the weather seems set to fair & warm, hot even for the UK so I have been playing catch up in bringing some much needed colour to the garden as we will be spending more time in it.

I have purposely restricted the colour palette to pinks, blues, whites & purples with just the odd bit of stray other colour creeping in at times.

My original plan was for an all white garden but that did not quite work out so I have been trying to add more white plants alongside the others.

Why white? At dusk & in low light, the whites just hold their own. Their lightness just adds depths to the garden that I rather like.

Thanksfully, our local independent farm shop has grown quite a few white plants this year & I have been down to get several tall white delphiniums & snap dragons to fill in the gaps. Pip also had some beautiful nicotina plants in carrying shades of pinks that are so very pretty - just what is needed to soften the greens.

I also repotted the hanging baskets (they really need new linings too but time is short so it is on my 'to-do' list ….

The pots by our front entrance have lost their topiaries - again! I just don't understand why topiary just doesn't survive the harsher, exposed front so the pots have been repotted with cheerful plants & some honeysuckle.

How do you get your garden season ready? Do you find that there is always lots to do before the warmer weather?

Have a fabulous week & thanks for stopping by again. I always enjoy your company & your comments.

Dee ~♥~