Monday, 28 May 2018

TIME to complete my set ....

I know you have seen my Ralph Lauren Pocketwatch TIME plates many times here because they are some of my favourite plates on the sideboard / dresser.

The plates were used in 2013 in this New Year place setting

TIME 2015 

Here they are in the transitioning to New Year decor 

and another appearance of the plates. For a long time I only had one of the black plates until we found a second one. 

I love how they looked so at home with the metallic in this setting 

The plates were made in the Potteries in Stoke on Trent for the American market of Ralph Lauren so they are not seen widely here. 

However, I had started with just 1 pocket watch plate some years back & slowly added to it as I found another. I admit to having several of some of them, it took me ages to find the second black plate but all the while I was aware that the 4th plate in the series eluded me. 

I have seen the odd one & unsuccessfully bid on it. I had almost resigned myself to not having it until a week ago when a last minute bid secured the last plate .... 

I changed the sideboard & left a space for the new plate 

This is what filled the space .... 

It is elegant

A few of my favourite things with it - the oval beaded African Platter - a gift from my sister - along with the lovely gold ceramic animals from Africa - they always look right with the plates & their little bits of gold details on the numbers or borders ...

The remaining plate in the pocket watch series joins the others at last.

For me, this collection of TIME plates is a reminder that TIME is different for everyone & that it passes way too quickly. Use your TIME wisely ....

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this last plate as much as I have in finding it - the small things in life are important, they give us direction & pleasure.

Thank you for visiting & taking TIME to comment,

Dee at the Carlton  ~💕~

Friday, 25 May 2018

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Dee at the Carlton  ~💕~

Friday, 18 May 2018

Royal wedding watch party time ...

I can hardly believe that the much awaited Royal Wedding is almost upon us.  We British do love a good party

We had a wedding watch party for Kate & William . We had several friends for the day to watch the wedding then we had a bbq in the garden afterwards.

This time it is much quieter after a rather hectic time work wise for myself & friends so it is just a few of us but I got the bunting out for the fireplace again.  I love the vintage feel to this bunting - the balloons are from a family birthday this week but they look good there too.

I bought this lovely Cath Kidson tea towel this week on a whim - it is patriotic & stylish.  I bought these IKEA candles on my last visit there recently because it is a fresh berry scent & a lovely red colour too so perfect.

Some eagle eyed followers will think these look familiar - I bought them at vintage fair in Ludlow some time back & shared them with you; they are perfectly royal

 A cathedral, a carriage & a castle - perfect scenes on the spoons ...

I found my box of things from the last wedding - a flag 

Some perfect spoons ...

Red, white & blue ready for cakes ...

These crowns make a regular appearance at home - they are good fun ...

These vintage candle holders are good fun & show the traditional side to life here ...

My great great grandfather served as a guard at the palaces for 22 years during the 1830's

Some little charms we use on glasses - ready & such fun

A fun cake stand ... 

The sideboard taking shape & having things swapped around ...

Red, white & blue candles in the candelabra in the conservatory ...

Our sideboard / dresser has its red, white & blue with the flags flying proudly ahead of the Royal Wedding - we will be watching,  taking in the details & just enjoying friendship & a fun event. 

If you are joining in out of curiosity or interest, enjoy the occasion as it lifts the spirits here.

Thank you for stopping by,
Dee ~💕~