Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my friends & followers

Easter tree

It has been a long 46 days since shrove-tuesday & the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday.

Like last year, I gave up chocolate in its pure form & it is h a r d because, like many, I have a weakness for it. I suppose that is what Lent is all about, giving up something which is hard!

Happy Easter - from our home to yours ...

This is some of our Ethiopian Crosses & an etching from our 5 years spent in that wonderful Coptic country. They are special because they remind me of my quiet faith that grounds me ....

So today - Easter Sunday - I can for the second year running break my Lent fast & enjoy my Easter egg, having paid my penitence in my own 'quietly religious way' - observing the traditions of my childhood without converting friends or shouting it from the rooftops ...  So I wish you all a blessed Easter - may it be family time with a thought to the true meaning!

Easter bunny shaped bread

After 40 days of Lent, Easter egg time - Happy Easter everyone
Thanks for stopping by, have a peaceful Easter day
Dee ~♥~

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our Easter tree

Last week I shared the preparation of our Easter 'twig tree' cut from live willow in our garden. 

I love the love branches because their catkins will open & look rather Spring-like over Easter & it is a living thing which is rather in keeping with Easter.

We bought this fabulous rabbit / bunny shaped bread at Morrisons - perfect on my milk glass tray.

A little 3 word puzzle (answer at the bottom of the page)

I love these vintage egg cups because the pink is really vivid - perfect!

A hand made felt bunny from a craft fair ...

The bit of net just adds a little elegance to the egg ...

These are two of the daughters Easter bits - love them!

Willow twigs with a few simple eggs & the green milk glass candle sticks!

Our diningroom sideboard is a perfect place for this simple Easter tree

These hide the bubble wrap on the top of the vase

Do you do something special for Easter?

Some white hyacinths - bought as mine have long since flowered - repotted in a gold pot with wooden bunnies for the table.

 Our house is ready for Easter ♥

Do you have any special Easter traditions in your home? Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~ ♥~
Puzzle answer - Easter Egg Time 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A healthy start to a snowy day

Snow in the Shire has meant that we have not been able to get out & about as much as I would like because the side roads are very icy.

I have watched cars struggle up & down the road so have been so pleased I ordered extra milk & some bread from our door step milk man - an under valued service ....

I love how our hedges look in snow which is why I leave them longer rather than tightly clipped ...

A cold & snowy Sunday needs a healthy breakfast - starting point for me is which crockery to get out. I always like it to look good as well ...

My choice for today is our traditional pink plates

The back stamp as many ask for the pattern

The large pink rimmed plate is a Royal Doulton charger plate

 Some stewed apples

Passion fruit or granadilla as it is known in Africa

Stewed red plums


 Almost ready

 Some hot wholemeal drop scones, yoghurt or ice-cream

How good is this to start the day?

Hope your Sunday is good, enjoy the snow if you have any,
Dee ~♥~

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Spring has sprung ...

... and in typical form, it did not come meekly!

 I shovelled 6 inches of snow off the drive yesterday for the school run & another 6+ inches is still falling - thank heavens it is weekend.

 I do like the garden & hedges with snow on it - that wash line cover has been battered by winter & needs replacing but ...

 A patio set, recently gifted by a friend who moved - is certainly not going to see any tea & chat this week unless I light the chimnea  ...

My shed at the bottom of the garden is groaning under the weight of the snow. The tall top mouldings are not even visible under the snow

I topped up all our bird feeders yesterday & hope our blue tits don't have eggs or babies in the nesting boxes they use ...

The upstairs view from upstairs across the Staffordshire borders ...

It is not all doom & gloom - it means we can just catch up with things at home & I think some hot scones might be on the menu for afternoon tea.
Shropshire Spring

What is Spring like where you are? Enjoy your weekend,
Dee ~♥~

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Welcome Spring ....

Spring has officially sprung - There is always a disagreement about whether Spring starts on the 1st of March (commonly held on TV it seems) or if it begins with the Equinox.

I always think that the Vernal Equinox of the night of the 20th March heralds in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The day & night are exactly 12 hours long each on that day so it is in my mind the day of the change from Winter to Spring ....

It is also the day that the sun rises due East & sets due West - perfectly alligned - isn't nature amazing?

With Easter just a week away, my thoughts turn to lighter touches. Time to head into the garden for some willow branches - ours is terribly untidy but they always seem to look better once cut

A friend gave me this vase for a birthday gift some years back & it is always perfect for Spring so that is my starting point.

The branches are kept in place in the vase with bubble wrap to stop them moving about & it is not too messy once the water is added.

The Easter 'tree' is on the sideboard in the Diningroom by the large mirror

Time for a few Spring / Easter things on our twigs ...

The diningroom table also gets a brighter look with these bright & cheerful IKEA plates, girlie placemats & little Giselle Graham coasters a friend gifted me ....

The Willow twigs need a week or so before Easter to burst into catkins once they are in the warmth so it should all look good for Easter when I will share more photos.

Has Spring brought some welcome weather or is Winter still lingering on your side too? Thanks for stopping by, your comments & links are always appreciated,
Dee ~♥~

Monday, 18 March 2013

Are your Lent resolutions holding up?

Yesterday, a newpaper article on  Lent suggested that "On the 27th day of Lent, 34 per cent will indulge in what they vowed to sacrifice"

Did you give up anything at  shrove-tuesday when you ate your last pancake?

Like last year, I have given up chocolate in its bar form which is a hardship for me as I have a rather sweet tooth ...

But - 29 days into Lent & I am still sticking to it.

After a very busy weekend helping a friend move & downsize, I had the urge for something sweet so had a tiny sherry glass of the last of my Thornton's chocolate liqueur ....

I do not consider this to be chocolate per se so have not fallen off the Lent bandwagon & grabbed proper chocolate but it is hard ....

Did you give up anything for Lent? How is your resolve holding up?

Thanks for stopping by, have a good week
Dee ~♥~

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mother's Day breakfast

I hope all the UK mother's have enjoyed their day. We do not make a huge thing out of Mother's Day - just family time usually.

Our eldest wondering star  daughter is currenly enjoying the delights of the Northern lights in Sweden & photographing a friends wedding so she sent a polaroid photo card ♥

Youngest  Stacy Sparkle decided on a breakfast of small pancakes, fruit & yoghurt which is our favourite & she even did the table herself ...

Some of my lovely Portmeirion Portobello pattern plates with vintage coloured cutlery that I love

An scented Ikea candle - so lovely

 Some crystal gems & rose serviettes

Her lovely blueberry pancakes were just perfect -but we had to watch out for the exploding blueberries when you cut into them ...

Lots of fruit & yoghurt to kick start our morning

How lovely does this look?

Simple & stunning - just how we like it ♥

A thoughtful day which was lovely after a trying week - thanks girls.

Do you like her choice of table settings? What is your favourite pancake toppings?

Thanks for stopping by, always pleased to read the comments & return the visits.

Dee ~♥~