Sunday, 24 March 2013

A healthy start to a snowy day

Snow in the Shire has meant that we have not been able to get out & about as much as I would like because the side roads are very icy.

I have watched cars struggle up & down the road so have been so pleased I ordered extra milk & some bread from our door step milk man - an under valued service ....

I love how our hedges look in snow which is why I leave them longer rather than tightly clipped ...

A cold & snowy Sunday needs a healthy breakfast - starting point for me is which crockery to get out. I always like it to look good as well ...

My choice for today is our traditional pink plates

The back stamp as many ask for the pattern

The large pink rimmed plate is a Royal Doulton charger plate

 Some stewed apples

Passion fruit or granadilla as it is known in Africa

Stewed red plums


 Almost ready

 Some hot wholemeal drop scones, yoghurt or ice-cream

How good is this to start the day?

Hope your Sunday is good, enjoy the snow if you have any,
Dee ~♥~

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