Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Preparing to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee ...

 We are gearing up for a few days off to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee -- 70 years on the throne is an amazing feat. More so is the dedication of HM, no one will come near to that time on a throne again & it is a great occasion. The crown tea tin was a recent gift that is appropriate & helps to set the theme.

The sideboard in our conservatory is always used & it changes regularly to reflect what is needed. We have had the crown cushions for years & they were brought downstairs to play their part. Aren’t they fun? I think they came from Past Times some years back & I like their muted colours ... 

Tea anyone? Tea & some flags? 

I changing our large sideboard / dresser in the conservatory - it always sets the scene for events or times of the year & this one gives a nod to the things we most associate with our Queen. 

I love the floral flag tea towel from the iconic Cath Kidson brand - florals make me think of tea parties & this cardboard cake stand (bought for one of the royal weddings) is just fun ... 

I have several boxes in the garage with items we use at times & I got down the bunting box & to my delight found several items used at the 60th celebrations, at the various Royal weddings & they are all very welcome to make another appearance. 

Tea parties or afternoon tea are quintessentially British so I decided to bring out one of mine. This one has a pretty little floral pattern around the edges & the colours are perfect too. 

Everything on the sideboard came from my stash which is really handy because patriotic things come in handy on our Isle as we do like to celebrate events.

The table has been set with a bright pink silk bolt of cloth I have used before - HM The Queen never shies away from colour so this is a good tribute. The Union Jack tea towel was featured often with my lockdown bakes - it is a floral tribute which is pretty.

Will you be celebrating over the Jubilee weekend? Will you decorate? Tell all. 

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Dee ~💕~