Saturday, 30 May 2020

Hundertwasser Haus art at home ...

In the previous post, I shared my visit to the Hundertwasser Haus village in Vienna.  Because we were doing a lot of travel, I decided to buy a colourful silk scarf that caught my eye with its vibrant colours & bold, modern design.

 Our diningroom has tartan curtains in winter but lighter ones in summer. I also like to change the paintings around & add more blue China & ornaments.

Bringing in the blue & white patterns on the dining room sideboard. The two ladies are a regular feature because I don’t have another good space for them. The white linen & lace cloth is a vintage one. Bolder faux lilies look good in the blue & white vase

The tartan curtains were changed this week for my lighter ones as it look freshers with the blue orchid pots. However, the large painting needs to be changed for something brighter 

I like to change art around too; this huge traditional oil painting has presence & warmth.  The large traditional floral oil painting always looks right alongside the orchids but it does have breaks in the garage

I often swap it for this framed fabric art - I love the exoticness of it & how it fields like a family crest. However, these both need a break ...  

 I bought a silk scarf on a visit to Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna last year & today I decided it was time to frame it because something different is needed. Don’t you just love this bold design?

First step, iron the scarf creases out with a cool iron & a pressing cloth because it is silk ...

This large Ikea Nyttja frame is the right size. Because I like to frame numerous art & images, I buy these inexpensive black Ikea frames in various sizes so I always have something I can use. My last frame this size - mental note - I need an Ikea visit once they reopen & the rush is over.  This might seem daunting but it is not. I buy black Ikea frames in various sizes so I can frame off things & the frames unite the randomness.

I used very thin double sided tape at regular intervals along all the frame sides to secure the scarf; being silk, it is a bit slippery so a bit of time now makes for a better finished image. I used the paper insert as I didn’t have a large enough sheet of card & it worked just fine once the clear front & backing sheets were put back on.

This did not take long & the colours & bold pattern are a lovely change from the gentle floral painting that has been up  all winter. The orchids will soon be in flower with their bold colour too ...

Lovely colour & a bold modern print are the perfect change ...

I love colour & use coloured glass candlesticks & mismatched candles to bring interest in to this room. I love how well the bold, modern image fits in here ...

An hours work is all it took for this framing 
The Hundertwasser Haus / village in Vienna where I bought the scarf from.
Thank you for stopping by, I have enjoyed sharing how I used this scarf at home. I hope I have inspired you to  
look for art in usual places 

Dee ~💕~

Friday, 29 May 2020

Brighter colours inspired by Hundertwasser Haus

Hi all,

We are now on Lockdown day 67 and I have been keeping busy with lots of things - it is a strange  hiatus where time appears to be suspended, where it merges in to one.

Last year we visited the very unusual Hundertwasser Haus & Village in Vienna.

The Hundertwasser House in Vienna bears the unmistakable hand of the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, whose birth name was Friedrich Stowasser. The colorfully decorated exterior façade of Hundertwasser House in Vienna draws attention to itself almost magically. Anyone who lives in the Hundertwasser House also has the right to decorate the façade around the windows entirely to their own taste. More than 200 trees and shrubs on the balconies and roof terraces make the Hundertwasserhaus a green oasis in the heart of the city. The Hundertwasserhaus can only be viewed from outside.
Right opposite the Hundertwasserhaus, however, is the Hundertwasser Village, which is open to visitors. It was created out of a tire workshop in 1990-1991. The artist created his own shopping center here with a "village square", a bar and numerous stores in the typical Hundertwasser style.

 The apartments are closed to the public but we were told that the walls, floors, doors etc are not straight  & that they are quite unique. How I would have liked to be a fly on that wall ...

It is a celebration to colour, design, art ...

The pillars have colourful & interesting designs that wrap around the pillars, little pops of colour everywhere.

Colourful mosiac art brings pops of colour & design in the space 

Colorful and unusual

The Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna is a building designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and located in the 3rd Viennese district. The extraordinary building was constructed between 1983 and 1985. It was architecturally realized with the collaboration of architect Josef Krawina as co-creator and the implementing architect Peter Pelikan. The result is known about around the world.

Viewed from the stairs ...

The mosaics on the ground level ...

Numerous trees & plants add more colour & detail to the overall design ...

The hidden courtyard is filled with vibrant greens. It is a totally fascinating place, filled with colour, unusual shapes & can only be viewed from outside.

However, as we still had several countries to travel through on our trip, I bought a very colourful scarf in the gift shop.  It depicts the Hundertwasser Haus village very well & I bought it with an eye to frame it as I often use unusual things for art at home .

Thank you for stopping by, I look forward to showing you how I used this scarf at home

Dee ~💕~