Thursday, 21 March 2013

Welcome Spring ....

Spring has officially sprung - There is always a disagreement about whether Spring starts on the 1st of March (commonly held on TV it seems) or if it begins with the Equinox.

I always think that the Vernal Equinox of the night of the 20th March heralds in Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The day & night are exactly 12 hours long each on that day so it is in my mind the day of the change from Winter to Spring ....

It is also the day that the sun rises due East & sets due West - perfectly alligned - isn't nature amazing?

With Easter just a week away, my thoughts turn to lighter touches. Time to head into the garden for some willow branches - ours is terribly untidy but they always seem to look better once cut

A friend gave me this vase for a birthday gift some years back & it is always perfect for Spring so that is my starting point.

The branches are kept in place in the vase with bubble wrap to stop them moving about & it is not too messy once the water is added.

The Easter 'tree' is on the sideboard in the Diningroom by the large mirror

Time for a few Spring / Easter things on our twigs ...

The diningroom table also gets a brighter look with these bright & cheerful IKEA plates, girlie placemats & little Giselle Graham coasters a friend gifted me ....

The Willow twigs need a week or so before Easter to burst into catkins once they are in the warmth so it should all look good for Easter when I will share more photos.

Has Spring brought some welcome weather or is Winter still lingering on your side too? Thanks for stopping by, your comments & links are always appreciated,
Dee ~♥~

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