Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Our Easter tree

Last week I shared the preparation of our Easter 'twig tree' cut from live willow in our garden. 

I love the love branches because their catkins will open & look rather Spring-like over Easter & it is a living thing which is rather in keeping with Easter.

We bought this fabulous rabbit / bunny shaped bread at Morrisons - perfect on my milk glass tray.

A little 3 word puzzle (answer at the bottom of the page)

I love these vintage egg cups because the pink is really vivid - perfect!

A hand made felt bunny from a craft fair ...

The bit of net just adds a little elegance to the egg ...

These are two of the daughters Easter bits - love them!

Willow twigs with a few simple eggs & the green milk glass candle sticks!

Our diningroom sideboard is a perfect place for this simple Easter tree

These hide the bubble wrap on the top of the vase

Do you do something special for Easter?

Some white hyacinths - bought as mine have long since flowered - repotted in a gold pot with wooden bunnies for the table.

 Our house is ready for Easter ♥

Do you have any special Easter traditions in your home? Thanks for stopping by,
Dee ~ ♥~
Puzzle answer - Easter Egg Time 

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