Saturday, 24 March 2012

Desserts ....

We have a favourite local pub that just does fab food - a most wonderful carvery with a massive selection of seasonal vegetables.

It is a favourite place for us girlies to get together and enjoy a relaxed lunch

What is particularly striking is the wall of beautiful gold mirrors in the most stunning gold frames. What do you think?

Fortunately, they also do wonderful puddings & this was our choice - chocolate mousse & a fruit crumble.

Do you have a favourite 'local' place you like to meet at? Why is it special?

Keep looking at those puddings ... yes, they were as good as they look!
Dee ♥


  1. the pudding looks great we like to eat hot fudge cake here in srizona with our bbq its like chocholate mousse

    1. Hot fudge cake sounds just fabulous, thanks for stopping by ...

  2. Dee - I was just about to panic that you had been there and had not invited me - but when I scrolled down, all was well - thanks heavens

    1. Hehehe we will do a walk & a Swan morning again once I am back ♥


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