Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ladies who walk with their lunch

Some days it is special to just find a nice place to eat & relax, & other times, you want to get out & about & after a really manic week, I felt the need for some wide open space, some inspiration, company & food naturally so what better than to combine them all ....

My dear friends & I set off for a National Trust property that we are all rather fond of & the best thing ... it is only a few minutes away.

Yesterday we were fortunate to still enjoy the snowdrops - vast swathes of the most beautiful white clusters of flowers, gently growing amongst the fallen leaves of Autumn while the Spring crocuses & daffodils were appearing too .....

I was joined by Liane of cheap thrills and Food with Friends , my friend Kathy & Liz who is a Tipsy Tart and we had our morning coffee on a bench overlooking a field & house.

Morning drinks were coffee or hot chocolate with my home made crunchies (a South African type biscuit) and a chocolate & prune cake made by the Tipsy Tart (recipe on her link). It gave us time to just chat & catch up while warming up ...

The park is very popular with dog walkers & we came across some beautiful ones; Spring is certainly in the air we were greeted with birdsong & lots of squirrels leaping about in the trees.

The park recently opened a new section so that adds to the walk through another forest of trees & managed woodland. I love how the trees are used at Attingham Park - some are carved, others left to gently return to nature, some used for fences & logs & new areas are planted all the time. There is something about wide open spaces like this that just lifts the spirits ...

After nearly 3 hours of walking about, we needed some lunch - Kathy & Liz had taken care of that - flasks of piping hot lentil soup, served with healthy crispbreads on a bench in the forest ... the best lunch!

The estate is just so lovely - set in beautiful park grounds with deer & other wildlife & even though I visit often, I just love it in all seasons, especially the view of the house as you return from the forest walk ....

A most enjoyable day ... do you do picnic lunches?
Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend
Dee ~♥~


  1. With spring in the air....and a motivated 'spring in our steps'...walking with friends and stopping for lunch in natural the most therapeutic of pursuits. A wonderful morning...great company, delicious food and inspiring scenery....xxxx

    1. That is so true ... was a perfect morning out ♥

  2. A truly inspiring Bog!! I might even do one my self!! Thanks Dee!! We were all truly relaxed and in good spirits!!XXX

    1. Please do Kathy - I look forward to Letters from Stone Cottage hehehe

  3. Fantastic photos Deirdre - I love them and think we need to get out more so that you can show me more of your photo secrets. Lovely blog as well.

    1. Thank you Elsabet ... it was very enjoyable & we should do it again very soon. As you know, I am very critical of my photos & dump at least half of what I take & try to improve all the time ♥


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