Saturday, 17 March 2012

Catch up time with the girlies ....

Us 'girlies' , a close group of lady friends, catch up when & where we can as two live in the south of the county, so when they arrive they are usually ready for coffee & a treat.
Morton Corbet with friends
Since they had not visited the lovely Morton Corbet Castle near us, we decided on a visit there - the weather was decided not Spring like with a chill to it so hot chocolate or coffee was needed almost immediately.

I baked my favourite date & banana bread but popped some of the mixture into little muffin cases to make it easier to transport.  Today our morning tea was packed in a little hand woven . made South African basket that my parents bought for me on a trip a few years ago - very handy ....

Morton Corbet was once a stunning Shropshire castle with views of the surrounding countryside. What a house it must have been judging by this frontage ....

and their own beautiful church ....

 Spring blossoms are out now and everything is starting to look a lot less dull

On my last visit, I somehow did not take much notice of the stunning alter with the amazing elephants (which appear in the Cobet family shield)
Morton Corbet Shropshire

The chill of the Shropshire morning was getting to us so we retired to the dungeon steps of the house to enjoy our hot soup - a choice of spicy butternut or roast vegetables, with amazing butternut bread. Truly a good way to catch up with my girlies ...

Dear friend Liz of The Tipsy Tart had her eye on my vintage flask - bought off a vintage market in Bridport

while the other friends were taken by the buzzing helicopters from nearby RAF Shawbury - the training centre for helicopter pilots (Prince William lived & trained here)

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by & do look in often
Dee ~♥~


  1. Fabulous photo Dee - and it was a lovely morning with a delicious picnic - however - I want that flask!! - I suggest you keep it close to you always and never take your eyes off it for fear of it being nicked xx

    1. My dear Tipsy Tart .. hehe evidence of you & the flask! I love it too as it was a great vintage find on the market. Unfortunately, I notice the label is coming off but it is still very good at keeping soup piping hot ♥

  2. I would not worry about the label - that is what makes it so charming xx

  3. A fabulous castle....and even more fabulous ladies to spend time with....special times together...special friends...and...DELICIOUS treats!!! A great morning out...thank you xxx

    1. Thank you for the delicious soup & butternut bread - fantastic treat!xxx

  4. Beautiful day - enjoyed by all Thanks Dee!!


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