Friday, 26 September 2014

The Valley of Desolation, South Africa

The Karoo region is the Eastern Cape of South Africa is a vast region with beautiful roads, stark & beautiful scenery & interesting vegetation. It is also an ancestral place where my relatives settled more than 200 years ago. Many families still resident in this area are distant cousins to me. 

None more than the very impressive Valley of Desolation outside the pretty town of Graaf Reinet. The two places could not be more different - the orderliness of Graaf Reinet & then the vast, starkness of the Valley of Desolation.

We made the trip on a bright Winters afternoon as the sun was high in the sky. The views are simply spectacular - vast panoramas all around until we reached the top look out & walked to the view point to gaze over the almost alien landscape below.

Huge craggs lit by the fading sunlight accentuated the deep valleys & rugged landscape below.

Best of all was that we could take it all in without other people about - drink in the quiet & watch raptures working the cliffs for small mammals.

Such vast spaces & solitude are good for the soul ….

Do you enjoy places of solitude & quietness? Where is your favourite place?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. Beautiful pics of South Africa! What a view! My favorite quiet place is Prince Edward Island, Canada! Very small island with quaint towns, no crowds like NYC or Paris.

  2. Beautiful pics Dee! My favourite place is the Drakensberg in S.A!


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