Thursday, 30 October 2014

Transforming a dated tea trolley table into ….

Sometimes life takes on a momentum of its own & everything goes on the back burner for sanity.

Such has been the last few weeks with an ageing relative of 90 needing help with some life changes.  It came at the same time as many of my students needed support with their annual evaluations as they are mainly 'elective home education' students that I have a major influence on their studies & can make sense of the systems to which they are accountable so I had to be there for them too ….

However - life has now settled back into  my predictably busy pattern again & my half term this week has been a welcome respite.

Our clocks went back last weekend & my thoughts have turned to long winter nights which are already drawing in.

I have every intention of spending more time sewing - hand sewing, gentlework type activities that can be done while watching TV.

However, we all know that such activities need a machine at times,  loads of fabrics, threads, scissors & the likes which makes it quite a messy activity.

While browsing Ebay, I came across this dated tea trolley with lift up side flaps & immediately had an epiphany - that would work so well as a craft trolley that could be wheeled out of sight if needed.

The top was as bad as the photos had shown so I just knew it needed Annie Sloan chalk paint to revive it to something useful & beautiful.  Our lounge has a large Rectory Red wall so I immediately had the idea to use 2 favourite colours & then lightly distress it.

I have used Emperor's silk on my desk & so I decided on that as the base coat with graphite over then distress back to show some of the Emperor's silk for depth, with a dark wax into the details too.

I wiped it down then applied the first coat of Emperor's Silk to it & it immediately looked nicer with the details standing out. Emperor's Silk always looks pink until it dries but because I have used it before, I did not panic at the colour …

Rain chased me inside so it is partially done but I am looking forward to the next steps.

I am sure it will be a good winter sewing table which can easily be used in the lounge if needed.

What do you think?  Are you in favour of bold colours & do you have a portable hobby?

Thank you for stopping back in - please look in soon for the completed trolley

Dee ~♥~

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