Sunday, 15 September 2013

TIPI glamping in Wales

Daughter has been glamping (glamorous camping) before & was keen to introduce us to it so she arranged tipi's in Wales for us all before the Autumn chills set in.
Our choice of venue was cledan valley tipi in the Cledan Valley in Wales.
Beth has a fabulous choice of accommodation - we decided on 3 different tipi's for our group (we could have had the 6 sleeper but decided to treat ourselves)
The tipi's /tepees were ready & beautifully set up on arrival so time to light the fire
A bit of exploring then deciding on a leisurely supper at the secluded part by our tent

Fires lit including a cast iron oven tucked into the hillside with a little chimney. Because it was a spur of the moment choice, we just grabbed what we had in the fridge at home & it was just right ...

We toasted the bread chunks on the fire then made a slit & had sausage / steak with salad & lovely salty halloumi on top - perfect finger supper while chatting around the fire.

Some images of the stunning site with the wind-farm on the hill in the distance

Beautiful morning light saw us doing some photos in the woods with the hat festival head piece

My stunning daughters enjoying the outdoors

The river is so lovely - some images of the clear water


Are you a camping fan or does glamping appeal much more .....

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  1. Dee - what can I say...i love your photos and you need to tell me where this I would love to go....
    I generally love roughing it when I camp but this I think I could quite happily enjoy.


    1. Thank you my friend - I am happier glamping, particularly in cold weather so this was perfect! There is a link in the top line to the site x

  2. Oh wow, I love this camping trip and the indian teepees...just so fun! The food you guys had sounds great too. Beautiful photos! Thank you for your sweet and kind comment. Hugs,

  3. Hi Dee, I’ve never been a fan of camping but after you’ve introduced me to this I would go in a NY minute! This looks like so much fun, I love the tepees, and you have your own little fire. How cozy, I love it and I bet you are hooked now. Thanks for sharing.

    The French Hutch


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