Wednesday, 7 August 2013

A healthy fruit crumble

I very recently  bought two lovely new additions for my garden - red & black currant bushes that are two years old & in fruit.

Our local farm shop lady, Pip, has a small nursery where she grows various plants & these were there so I had to find a space in the garden for them.

The red currants are so ripe & sweet that they are actually sticky so I have been adding them to fruits so we can enjoy the treat.

When I picked these to save them from the birds, I knew it was crumble time

My crumble recipe is a healthier version as it uses less margarine / butter & binds with juice & a little oil.

Ready to assemble in the oven proof bowl

 A bowl of heavenly sweet fruits, crumble & vanilla yoghurt - so good!

 What fruits are your favourite? Are you a crumble fan? What are your favourite combinations?

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Dee ~♥~


  1. My mouth is watering now.....I don't remember ever eating currents. Looks like a wonderful recipe-thanks for sharing Dee!

    1. Currants are little bursts of flavour & so pretty too. They flavoured & sweetened the other fruit so no additional sugar was needed which is always good. Thanks for always stopping by & leaving a comment ....


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