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The interesting ceramic history of my Apple Blossom platter …

Does your curiosity get the better of you when you find unusual items?

I found this love green Apple Blossom Festival platter by chance on a visit to Dorset & loved its bright colours & raised relief details. I showed it on my sideboard & am pleased with the raised, majolica like detail.

My regular followers know that I have a great love for interesting crockery designs & my curiosity soon got the better of me & I had to do a little research on the details listed on the reverse ….

The platter was made by Donald S Nelson for the Armagh Apple Blossom Festival of the 10-17 May 1975 & it is no130 of 200 made.

It was made by D.S Nelson of Little Orchard Pottery.

I wondered more about Little Orchard Potteries & Donald S Nelson. In these instances,  it is good to do some internet searching …

I found some fascinating background information which linked him to the popular Wade figurines

Little Orchard Pottery

Donald S. Nelson was one of the designers in the Wade factory.
He worked for in the Wade factory from July 1966 to June 1969.
He created Nelson's Coffeware - which came in three separate colours - green, brown or blue.
He modified the Irish Song Figure Molly Malone.
For a short period of time after this he worked for another former employee who ran his own company in the name of Irish Ceramics and Crafts. Unfortunately this company was not successful and closed after two years.
Nelson decided to set up on his own - producing pottery called "Little Orchard Pottery". He worked near his home at Cranagill, Portadown, County Armagh.
I also found out some more about Nelson's time at Wade (page 15)

Lovely embossed designs with earthy colours ….

A chance find has produced an interesting background history,  when I now look at my Apple Blossom Festival platter,  I will be mindful of the history of the potter & his links to the famous Wade ceramics & whimsies. Their long & varied history including the popular NatWest piggy banks makes interesting reading ….

I hope you have enjoyed the background history too. Do you own a few wade whimsies or some of the promotional goodies? Which are your favourites?

Have you been inspired to look behind the labels or marks of things you have bought?

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