Monday, 20 March 2017

Spring has sprung ....

Hi Spring - at last,  after another long Winter, things are looking up with the official arrival of Spring.

The day started with a massive rain storm that soaked everything in its path

With some students ill, I had some time to change the sideboard in our conservatory while listening to the rain thundering down. As soon as I could, I popped out to pick some flowers & blossoms from the garden.

This drinks flask of ours often has iced cold drinks in warmer weather - am I being hopeful too soon?

A favourite Ikea lantern that is used indoors on the adjoining patio - it always brightens up any table. I do love Ikea extras that are both functional & pretty ...

You have seen these plates before - I love the pretty green & pink IKEA glass plates which are always used in Spring because they are so uplifting.

I have had these for some years, you only need a few of them to brighten up any space.

A few favourite jugs for the top - this raised pattern vintage jug is so special & is used often. This was a fabulous charity / thrift shop find ...

The sideboard was finished along with the rain - a good use for a random morning ...

Happy Spring day everyone - I hope you bring some warmer & brighter days for us ...

Thank you for stopping by, I am looking forward to the clocks going forward soon.

Dee ~♥~


  1. Lovely Dee!!! I use a lot of red and green, but very little pink....I may have to hunt up a thing or three to add to my greens.
    Thank you for the ideas and the lovely pictures of your sideboard!

    1. Hi Jaybird - I use so much red over the festive season that I love a change from it. I look forward to pictures of your greens; I sense that change is coming to your home. Blessings back to you too.


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