Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Bringing some loveliness to an old sewing box ...

Hi Everyone

I believe your home should reflect who you are & be filled with things you love & that you love having around you. Your home is your space, your sanctuary so you can please yourself with your decor.  I change things around often because that is my personality ...

I am enjoying the final half term of this academic year - where has the time gone? I always love to have a project or two to work on.  Some will remember the sewing box I updated some years back so that it fits in to the living room.

However, I saw another, more compact vintage one with a solid lid that I thought would be good in our conservatory where I often sew because of the lovely light in there. However, the dark, dated wood was never going to woo me because our conservatory is light & bright.  The red corduroy fabric with date trimming had to go but it is solid so that is important.

I stripped the fabric out, sanded the glue & previous fabric remains off, then wiped it all down, ready for the next step. 

I always keep a supply of my favourite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at home so I am always ready for a project. I did an Annie Sloan painting course to learn the techniques some years back & it gave me the confidence to just pick up brushes & do it .... 

My roll of corrugated cardboard is always used to protect our table because I like painting at eye level where possible. This sewing basket has a shallow drawer too which is good. 

Mmmm I will be needing another tin of Annie Sloan Old White paint soon as well. 

First coat done, however, this dark furniture often has a shellac varnish which sometimes bleeds though the paint - this is going to be one of those projects that need a few coats of paint.

Better coverage with the second coat - it is looking brighter already!

Because the sewing box will be used in the conservatory, overlooking the garden, I decided to do some decoupage on it too.  I had found some lovely serviettes with hydrangeas on them while out & because they were in my favourite colours,  I knew they would be perfect.  I am an advocate of life long learning  did a local decoupage course so I knew the techniques I needed. 

Lots of colour but this is a project that can be fun - I am loving the pinks on the lid ...

Why stop at the top - the drawer was painted in  Annie Sloan Henrietta which had been lightened with Old White  - mainly because my Old White was almost finished & this was a way around the problem & because it would fit in well anyhow.

I was on a roll & decided to decoupage the inside of the lid too. I used my hairdryer to dry the layers of Modpodge on the images. 

I usually wet distress (wiping off some paint while still wet with a finger or a cloth) but I decided to sand this one to distress (a messier process .... )

Time for clear wax to protect the surface ...

This process can't be hurried ...

The change from dated to colourful ... 

Ready to be used to contain all those bits which are needed for sewing projects - I know this will be perfect because it is both functional & beautiful & that is what I demand from things in my home.

I always love to have a half term project & this has been a good one which used several of my skills - that is why I do courses .... 

Thanks for stopping by & spending your time with me, 
Dee ~♥~


  1. I love your work Dee, really lovely .



    1. Thank you Marina - I am pleased with it. Hope you are well - thanks for stopping by,
      Regards D

  2. Ooohh that's PRETTY!!!! You did a wonderful job, and I love the flowers in the drawer...a nice surprise!
    I loafed this weekend...it was a 3 day weekend for us. We roamed the garage sales on Saturday, did church music on Sunday, and went to Memorial Day festivities in a neighboring town yesterday. It was lovely having nothing pressing to do!!
    Have a blessed week ahead!

    1. Hi Jaybird - thank you, a kindred soul who also likes cheerful things. Your long weekend sounds fab - garage sales must be amazing - we do not have those here unfortunately. I agree, it is lovely to have nothing pressing to do - that makes 3 day weekends like yours & ours so special. Have a blessed week too ...

  3. I love the pretty things you do


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